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It all started in the late 1950’s with a young man watching his Uncle run his personal business picking up unsaleable fruits and vegetables and turn them into feed for hogs and cattle. Even at a young age he realized there was a need to take undesirable products and turn them into valued commodities.

Tom Fry was this young man and he hasn’t lost his entrepreneurial drive. He started his first business in Sun Valley, CA in 1961. Taking his Uncle’s business as inspiration he started Crown Disposal with a single truck. The main focus was solid waste but by 1965 Tom saw a need for recycling to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills, so a new service was added to Crown. The success of his recycling program was growing rapidly and in 1974 a new transfer station, Community Recycling was now establishing what would become the future standard. Again Tom saw a need in the recycling world, a large scale material sorting machine. In 1982 yet another program was implemented to take this material and recycle it rather than allowing it to be sent to the landfill.

Having now been in business for 2 decades Tom understood what it took to be a successful business by mastering the ability to adapt to needs of the ever changing landscape of his industry.

In 1986 AB 939 was put in place by the state of California. This bill mandated that 25% of the waste stream be recycled and by the year 2000 50% would be recycled. To help keep his agricultural clients in compliance with the new law new services were added, wood shredding and green waste recycling. These clippings and wood collected from culled trees or pruning was taken to be shredded then used to feed renewable energy power plants long before the importance of renewable energy was spoken of.

Again having the ability to see ahead, Tom saw the real need to turn green waste into beneficial compost. In 1991 he would go to UCLA to take classes on how to make and use compost. Composting is an art form in chemistry. Ratios are everything, knowing this once again Tom took a problem and turned it into a solution. In 1993 Tom found a location in the city of Lamont, CA where he built a compost facility.

All he needed to complete the composting process was more nitrogen. The answer was yet another solution to a problem, he stepped back into his roots and approximately 1300 grocery stores were contracted to supply unsaleable fruits and vegetables. In 1994 the composting business was up as running.

This new venture once again painted a picture for Tom and he started buying agricultural land in proximity to the composting business. 

Composting is a seasonal business, 9 months out of the year farmers are using compost to grow their crops this leaves 4 months of compost being made but not in demand. To make the most out of those 4 months Tom started using the excess compost being created to revitalize farmland that had been depleted of many nutrients. He now had acreage that he planted forage crops such as wheat and corn, thus starting his farming division. 1994 was a busy year, all while building the composting business he again saw the importance of reducing what was going to landfills and using these green materials to restore soil.

He purchased a power plant in Dinuba, CA, this plant uses 330 tons of waste wood from new construction and waste wood from depleted orchards to produce 12 mega watts of renewable energy per hour. Not only was this major amount of valuable wood waste being kept from the landfill, it kept orchards from being open field burned. The byproduct, clean ash is then used to fertilize crops.

What better way to be green than fertilizing the needed nutrients for crops from the crops themselves? Tom’s understanding of how to leverage complementary businesses to form solutions was the reason in 2014 Freedom Farms was born. A unified business that encapsulated over 50 years of experience. Freedom farms to date has over 5,000 acres in production growing Pistachios, almonds, wine grapes, olives and alfalfa.

In 2019 Freedom Farms is once again diversifying and bringing in a new division, Hemp.

With over 5 decades of business experience in growing multi million dollar businesses, staying ahead of trends, and understanding the importance of sustainability, FreedomFarms hemp will be the gold standard of the emerging hemp industry. With hands on knowledge of growing at scale for major retail outlets, providing sun grown as well as greenhouse crops, our Hemp division is poised to continue our legacy of being visionaries in providing premium products.

Freedom Farms offers a unique business proposition, this is a private family owned corporation that holds all the needed land and infrastructure to grow and provide at a large scale. As the hemp market reestablishes itself in the United States, Freedom Farms is poised to provide only the highest quality products to many sectors of the industry. We are thankful to have the opportunity to introduce our tradition of quality, knowledge, experience and reliability to this budding industry.

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